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Pairing You with Personal Loans Online to Meet Your Needs

Take advantage of our network of reliable affiliate lenders and lending partners and you could be eligible for as much as $40,000. Our service is free and will not affect your credit score.

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What is a Personal Loan?

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A personal loan is an installment loan that's repaid over a period of time.

Borrowers who have failed to obtain loan approval from the bank, credit union, or any other financial institution opt for personal loans. Even those who have maxed out their credit card limit choose to get online personal loans.

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At, you can request a personal loan from $1,000 to $40,000.

The loan amount depends on several factors, such as the borrower's credit type, credit history, and credit report. Other factors include the state's laws governing personal loans and the maximum loan amount that a lender or a lending partner can lend.

Borrowers who don't have excellent credit can still be eligible for a personal loan. They have the option to request an unsecured personal loan. When using an unsecured loan, borrowers don't need to present collateral.

Benefits of a Personal Loan

There's more than one way to request money, but at LoanStart, we make it easy to see the benefits of using a personal loan. While borrowers won't receive an instant personal loan, it is one of the fastest ways to receive up to $40,000.

Using a personal loan can be less expensive than a credit union, bank, or other financial institution. Rates can be as low as 18.00%.
Using our website to request an online loan, clients can safely and securely request funds up to $40,000.
Our process is simple, and customers can see on-screen results.
Borrowers may have the chance to improve their credit history by making regular on-time payments. Over time, this may lead to an excellent credit score.
Funds can be used for many different loan reasons.

A Loan Request That’s Easy, Safe, and Won’t Affect Your Credit



We know you’re busy; that’s why we provide a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. While we only ask the bare minimum number of questions, this data is crucial for trying to find you a lender or lending partner.

On-Screen Results

On-Screen Results

After you submit the form, we will run your information through our database of funding partners. It doesn’t take long. You will see your results within minutes. We may still be able to find you an option even if you have bad credit.

Best in Data Security

Best in Data Security

We take your privacy seriously. So do our partners. Your personal data stays private during the entire loan request process, thanks to 256-bit encryption.

By offering you a wide lending network, we provide a better chance for you to find a provider.

How You Can Use Your Loan

Here are some of the most popular reasons people use LoanStart to try to find funding.

Debt Consolidation
Debt Consolidation
  • Simplify your finances
  • Save money
  • Improve your credit score
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Borrowers may use the funds for debt consolidation to pay off any other debts they may have, such as credit card debt. It allows borrowers to simplify their finances while possibly saving money and improving their credit scores.

Emergency Situation
Emergency Situation
  • Bad credit okay
  • Pay it back over time
  • Get back on your feet
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Like a payday loan, auto loan, or a bad credit loan, borrowers facing a financial emergency may use their personal loans to address a crisis sooner. This helps those who need some funding to get back on their feet and pay back the loan amounts over time.

Auto Repair
Auto Repair
  • Credit card alternative
  • Fast cash solution
  • Drive your car again
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Borrowers may use the funding to finance mechanical or electrical repairs to their vehicles. Using a personal loan for auto repair is a fast cash solution and a good credit card alternative if someone has credit card debt. Most importantly, it helps borrowers drive their car again.

Home Improvement
Home Improvement
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Make repairs sooner
  • Pay the contractor or DIY
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Clients may use their loan approval to fund expenses related to home improvements such as remodeling, painting, construction, or installation. It allows borrowers to increase their home's value, make repairs sooner, pay the contractor, or fund the necessary tools for a DIY.

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses
  • Pay doctor bills
  • Space out your payments
  • Get your treatment
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Personal loans can be used to pay for medical expenses, such as health insurance, prescriptions, and hospital visits. The loan also covers treating or preventing an injury or a disease. A medical loan can be an unsecured loan or a secured loan.

Business Loans
Business Loans
  • Get startup capital
  • Pay business expenses
  • Address a cashflow gap
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Business owners borrow personal loans to meet company needs. They can use the funds to pay business expenses, purchase equipment and inventory, and even address a cash flow gap that the company may be experiencing. Those who want to start their own business can also benefit from a personal business loan because it can help them get startup capital.

Vacation Funding
Vacation Funding
  • Take your dream trip
  • Don’t miss a deal
  • Pay it off later
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Travelers sometimes borrow money to pay for big vacations. With an online personal loan, they can fund their dream trip, be it a honeymoon or a tour of Europe.

Student Loan Refinance
Student Loan Refinance
  • Look for lower APR
  • Avoid loan default
  • Consolidate debt
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Another example of debt consolidation is paying off student loans with a personal loan. It may help borrowers avoid loan default and unwanted consequences such as a damaged credit history and credit report. When borrowing an online personal loan to cover student loan expenses, it is best to find an online lender with a lower interest rate.


The LoanStart Process

Our loan request is quick and easy is not a lender. tries to connect borrowers with a loan provider. You can get started by filling out our short and simple loan request.

Learn about our secure process for finding personal loans online and get started today

Find the Personal Loan That’s Right for You

Credit comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some lenders may charge an origination fee and interest at a fixed rate included in the monthly loan payment. It's important to compare your options and find the one that fits your budget.

As mentioned before, someone may need to borrow a loan to finance a surprise medical bill or an emergency car repair. They might also take out a loan to fund something as simple as a home improvement project. Whatever the unexpected expense or other financial need, can help borrowers look for funding that meets their needs.

Our secure process is designed to be quick and simple. By taking advantage of our network of reliable affiliate lenders and lending partners, borrowers may be eligible for as much as $40,000.

State and City Information

Before taking out a personal loan, borrowers must know the rules, regulations, and other necessary information. That's why offers state and city information for popular lending locations.

Our Simple, Streamlined Process

At, our streamlined process makes requesting a personal loan offer as simple as completing our online form. Millions of consumers have used LoanStart's technology to try to find an online lender.

You do not need to feel overwhelmed about requesting a loan. It only takes a few minutes to enter your information and see your answer. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team.

What is APR?

APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the percentage of interest and fees a borrower would pay on a personal loan over a full year. The APR of a client's loan is determined by the lender or lending partner and must be included in the loan agreement. The APR may vary depending on the customer's situation, the lender's policies and terms, and state regulations. The APR may also be determined by the terms of the loan, fees, origination fee, credit score, and renewal options.

A general rule of thumb is that when borrowing a loan from the bank or non-traditional lenders, the better the borrower's creditworthiness, the lower the APR. That's why borrowers should work on maintaining excellent credit.

If connects a customer with a lender or lending partner, they may eventually be presented with a loan agreement. This agreement will disclose the loan terms with the APR, fees, finance charges, origination fee, and other terms, if applicable.

While offers example rates for the borrower's information, is not a lender and does not set APRs. The featured table represents sample rates and is for information purposes only:

APR Amount Period Monthly Total Paid
5.99% $4,000 24 Months $177.26 $4,254.35
10% $4,000 24 Months $184.58 $4,429.91
25% $4,000 24 Months $213.49 $5,123.67
35.99% $4,000 24 Months $236.17 $5,668.04

Additional Important Information

Before a borrower accepts a loan from's affiliate lending partners, the lending company must provide every borrower with the details of the loan agreement, as well as the terms and the conditions of the loan in writing. In case a lender doesn't disclose all the necessary information in advance, borrowers must demand that the lender present all the details concerning the loan. In case an affiliate lender refuses to do so, clients must report the lender to our customer service.

It is strongly recommended that potential borrowers thoroughly read and understand the lender's or lending partner's terms before signing a loan agreement. To learn more, visit the Rates & Fees and Responsible Lending Policy sections on this site.

Presentation of Interest and Finance Charges is not a lender and does not set fees or interest rates on borrowed loans. If a customer eventually receives an application from a lender, submits it to them, and is approved, the customer will be given the interest rate and fees before signing the loan agreement. At no point is a borrower required or obligated to sign a loan contract or accept the terms offered by a lender or lending partner. In case the borrower sees that the conditions of the loan don't meet their requirement, they have the right to reject the lender's offer.

To better understand the financial implications of the interest and finance charges associated with a personal loan, please consider the following representative examples:

Example 1:

If a client were to borrow a $10,000 loan with a 23.83% interest rate, 24-month loan term, and 2% origination fee ($200), the monthly payment would be $527.86. The total repayment amount would be $12,668.71. After adding the 2% origination fee, the loan would have a total cost of $2,868.71. Representative APR: 25.98%.

Example 2:

If a client were to borrow a $20,000 loan with a 13.83% interest rate, 36-month loan term, and 6% origination fee ($1,200), the monthly payment would be $681.90. The total repayment amount would be $24,548.49. After adding the 6% origination fee, the loan would have a total cost of $5,748.49. Representative APR: 18.24%.

Non-Payment and Its Implications

By signing the loan agreement, borrowers are stating that they accept the lender's or lending partner's terms and conditions for repayment of the loan with interest within a stated period. The repayment term depends on the amount borrowed, whereas the loan amount depends on factors that may include the salary of the customer or the collateral. Clients can pay back their loans before the scheduled due date. Many lenders do not impose a prepayment penalty.

Late payments or failing to repay the loan fully may result in additional charges and fees and may increase the total cost of the borrowed amount. In the case of non-payment, each lender or lending partner has its own policies and sets its own fees. does not set these terms and cannot disclose the charges a borrower might incur for late payments, missed payments, partial payments, or non-payment. However, if a client has secured their loan using collateral, the lender will legally gain possession of it.

It is extremely important that borrowers read their loan agreement in full to understand better the policies of the lender. Questions should be addressed directly to the lender. If the lender undertakes a collections process, they are obligated to deal with the borrower reasonably, fairly, and legally.

Effects on Your Credit Score

Based on past experiences with borrowing loans, an individual's credit score represents their ability to repay a loan on time and manage their credit. The higher a customer's credit score, the higher their chances of paying back their loan on time without missing a deadline. Hence, the higher chances for lenders to want to work with them by lending them money. Also, those who wish to improve their credit score should work on making payments on time. In the event of late payment, missed payment, or rollover of payments, the credit score of a borrower will be negatively affected. Also, a lower credit score makes it more difficult to obtain credit in the future but can also affect other things, such as a customer's ability to secure housing or a cell phone contract. A low credit score could even hurt a person's chances of finding employment. allows borrowers with less than perfect credit to request personal loan offers. Some of our affiliate lenders may consult one or more credit bureaus to gauge the borrower's ability to repay a loan. This may result in a soft pull, a hard pull, or both. Too many credit checks during a certain period may negatively affect the credit score of a borrower. Failure to repay your loan in a timely fashion, according to the terms of your loan agreement, also impacts your credit score.

Depending on the scoring model used by the lender, credit score ranges may be defined as:

Excellent Credit

above 720

Good Credit

660 - 719

Fair Credit

600 - 659

Poor Credit

below 600

Collection Policies is not a lender and does not make loans. As such, we do not deal with debt collection. We strive to only work with lenders and lending partners who practice fair and reasonable debt collection. How an affiliate lender or lending partner handles late payments and unpaid loans, including the collection of debts, depends on its policies and not ours. Before taking out a loan, it's best if borrowers familiarize themselves with their lender's terms, conditions, and policies regarding missed payments, late payments, and debt collection before signing a loan agreement. If a borrower is unsure about how the lender handles debt collection, they should consult their lenders directly to get their questions answered alongside any other concerns.

Renewing a Loan

Each of our lenders and lending partners has its own loan renewal policies. All lenders must present their renewal options in the loan agreement. It is the borrower's responsibility to review these options and policies before signing the contract. strongly encourages borrowers to fully repay all loans promptly to avoid supplemental fees and to improve their credit score. Borrowers should understand the loan process fully and have explored alternative options before agreeing to a personal loan.

Financial Implications

To better understand the financial implications of the interest and finance charges associated with a personal loan with an APR of 35.99%, please consider the following representative example: If you were to borrow a $10,000 loan with a 24-month loan term at 35.99% APR, you would have a monthly payment of $590.42. Your total repayment amount would be $14,170.08.

Here is another example with an APR of 25%:

If a person were to borrow a $20,000 loan with a 24-month loan term, they would have a monthly payment of up to $1,067.43. Their total repayment amount would be $25,618.33.

Here is a final example with an APR of 10%:

If a person were to borrow $15,000 within a 24-month loan term, they would have a monthly payment of up to $692.17. Their total repayment amount would be $16,612.17.

Not a Lender Notice is not a lender and doesn't make any loan offers. Also, doesn't broker online loans to lenders or lending partners. We only operate a network of loan providers. After a potential borrower submits their loan request, we will try to connect them with one of the lenders or lending partners in our network. We may receive compensation from lenders or lending partners for connecting consumers to them. We will not make a hard inquiry into your credit. The loan provider will determine the interest rate and loan fees.

Personal Loan Alternatives

For those seeking a personal loan alternative, mentioned below are a few options that may interest some borrowers.

Loan Against Fixed Deposits

Loan Against Fixed Deposits

Those looking for a quick way to borrow a loan may be able to use their fixed deposits as collateral to secure a loan. Banks sometimes let their clients borrow around 75% to 85% of their future deposits. The interest rate on loans against fixed deposits is considered to be affordable. It is 1% to 2% higher than the fixed deposit interest rate. This means that if the deposit were earning a 5% interest rate, the loan against it would have an interest rate of 6% to 7%. The application process is easy, and minimal documentation is needed.

Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property

People seeking to get a loan and have private properties can take a loan against property. When taking out a loan against property, it doesn't matter if the property is residential or commercial. Some lenders even consider a piece of land as a property that can be used to secure the loan.

Loan Against Mutual Funds

Loan Against Mutual Funds

Borrowers can also take out a loan against their mutual funds. The mutual funds' units are offered as collateral to secure the loan until borrowers pay back the loan amount fully. The loan term is decided and agreed upon by the lender and the borrower. The interest rate on loans against mutual funds is around 10% to 11%. It's good to note that borrowers will keep earning returns on their mutual funds; however, they cannot sell them as long as they are pledged to the bank.

Whole Life Insurance Policy Loan

Whole Life Insurance Policy Loan

Another way for borrowers looking for a quick and easy way to get funding is by getting a whole life insurance policy loan. Borrowers can sometimes pledge their life insurance policy as collateral to obtain funding up to 90% of the current cash value. Interest rates are low, ranging from 9% to 13%. A whole life insurance policy loan may not affect the credit score of the borrower.

Gold Loan

Gold Loan

Borrowers looking for quick funds that don't require an excellent credit score may get a gold loan. A gold loan is similar to a secured personal loan because borrowers use their gold as collateral to secure the loan. Most of the time, clients get a gold loan around 75% of the loan's value; the purer the gold, the higher its value. Usually, the interest rate of gold loans is relatively lower, ranging around 15%. The term of the loan is agreed upon by the lender and the borrower. Funding a gold loan doesn't take much time, and the application process is simple and easy.

Credit Card

Credit Card

Finally, borrowers can use their credit cards as an alternative for a personal loan. A credit card doesn't have a fixed monthly payment or a term. Instead, credit card payments are based on the monthly balance of the credit. The interest rate of a credit card ranges from 12% to 29%.


Is a lender? is not a lender and doesn't make any type of offers for loans. doesn't broker online loans to lenders or lending partners either. After a potential borrower submits their loan request, we will try to pair them with one of the lenders or lending partners in our network.

Do personal loans help me improve my credit score?

When taking out a personal loan, borrowers may be able to improve their credit score by making regular on-time payments. Keep in mind that the provider needs to report your payments to a credit bureau for your credit score to improve. Not all providers do this.

Do personal loans hurt my credit score?

In the event of late payment, missed payment, or rollover of payments, a borrower's credit score may be negatively affected.

Can I apply for a loan if I have a fair credit score?

Borrowers with a fair credit score may be eligible for a personal loan depending on the lender's requirements.

Is it better to request a secured or an unsecured personal loan?

Loans secured with collateral may have lower interest rates than what the borrower would be able to receive otherwise. Still, it is considered safer to request an unsecured personal loan.

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