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Professional Development Courses at the University of Phoenix

Published at April 23, 2018 by Ana-Maria Sanders

Learn about the college's continuing education programs offered especially for professional development.

A four-year degree used to be the ticket to years of career growth and job stability. My, how things have changed in the highly competitive job market. For raises and promotions, professionals working in virtually every sector must bolster their credentials by taking continuing education classes. The University of Phoenix offers a professional development curriculum that may help with career advancement.

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What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education allows professionals to dig deeper into their specializations by taking classes at colleges, universities, and municipal-run employment agencies. For years, schools typically scheduled continuing education classes in the evening to accommodate work schedules. However, the advent of online learning has dramatically changed the continuing education paradigm. Think about the possibilities of learning from home or your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.

Why You Should Consider Continuing Education

Continuing education offers professionals specialized training that leads to promotions and better job opportunities. Professionals that work in the technology industry must stay on top of the rapidly changing ways we receive and analyze information. In fact, most professional sectors require the constant development of new skills and the acquisition of updated knowledge.

Many continuing education classes hand out certifications, which improve your chance of moving into a higher paying and a more challenging job. Instead of enrolling in an expensive four-year college or university, continuing education curriculum allows students to create unique programs that match their professional growth needs.

Benefits of an Online Education

The growth of online professional development curriculum such as the program created by The University of Phoenix has exploded over the past decade. Here some of the reasons why.

  • Schedule classes around work
  • Attend class whenever you want
  • Review the curriculum as many times as you want
  • An affordable alternative to brick and mortar schools
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Option to blend online and offline learning

The flexibility to attend class when it fits in your schedule refers to the lectures by professors. You still have to meet deadlines for submitting projects, as well as completing tests and quizzes.

University of Phoenix: An Overview

Considered one of the best online education institutions in the world, The University of Phoenix is a private, for-profit institution based out of Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. The open enrollment policy adopted by the school requires prospective students at the minimum to have earned a GED or educational equivalent.

The University of Phoenix opened its virtual doors in 1976, and more than 40 years later, the online university manages more than 100 degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral education levels. In 2017, private equity company Apollo Global Management acquired The University of Phoenix in a friendly takeover. With an academic staff of more than 16,000 and a student population exceeding 142,000, The University of Phoenix is one of the largest online education institutions in the world.

University of Phoenix Professional Development Courses

The University of Phoenix takes continuing education to a higher level by offering professional development curriculum. Based on the philosophy that contemporary professionals always look for ways to enhance skills and knowledge, the online university ensures its faculty and technology sets the pace for online learning.

Professional development courses at The University of Phoenix allow students to receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Units (PDU). Both units help professionals achieve certification and recertification to increase the pace of career advancement. Students have the option to learn at an accelerated pace to meet the demands of hectic professional schedules.

The University of Phoenix professional development program features the following amenities:

  • Small class sizes to encourage one-on-one instruction
  • Easy to use trend-setting online format
  • Multiple around the year start dates to accommodate busy professionals
  • Highly trained faculty have years of hands-on professional experience
  • Most of the educational resources are available digitally at a fraction of the cost of textbooks

Students have access to online tools, education support networks, and career guidance resources that help you find the right career fit. The Center for Writing Excellence and the Center for Mathematics Excellence are two examples of centers that help boost your marketability.

Register for The University of Phoenix professional development courses and enjoy the flexibility of attending school from the comfort of your home. The university offers noncredit classes for students interested in personal growth, as well as credit classes that help you grow professionally or move into a new area of academic interest.

We remind students that the professional development courses taught at The University of Phoenix do not meet the criteria for receiving financial aid. However, many companies and non-profit organizations pay for professional development classes to help employees develop occupational skills.

You can request more information by completing a two-step form online or call The University of Phoenix at 866-484-1815.

Let’s review some of the categories offered in the professional development program at The University of Phoenix.


Business has always depended on team collaborations to complete extended projects. The University of Phoenix business professional development curriculum emphasizes the many hats contemporary managers wear at the office and in the field. Starting with Basic Business Math, professionals participate in unique business professional development programs that teach how to deal with demanding customers, the benefits of making ethical decisions, and database fundamentals. Students spend considerable time improving communication skills, especially face-to-face interactions.

Where the University of Phoenix differs from many other types of continuing education programs is the focus on developing customer service skills that are appropriate for the new millennium. Professionals who work in customer service positions role-play a number of scenarios in which customer complaints turn into opportunities to win lifelong patrons of their businesses. The business program also gives entrepreneurs insight into the unique problems faced by professionals who take calculated risks to achieve their professional dreams.

Technology for Business

The quest to make an indelible impact in the business world requires professionals to stay on top of ever-changing technology. As an online institution, The University of Phoenix represented one of the groundbreaking academic institutions that led the online education charge. With a highly technical platform, the Technology for Business professional development curriculum teaches the basics of computer literacy, before giving students educational building blocks that lead to the development of coding and hardware installation skills. The professional development program specializes in helping ground-floor information technology employees acquire advanced skills.

Students have the option to enroll in several introductory courses such as the introduction to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. There are advanced classes for students interested in acquiring in-depth Dreamweaver skills. Back-office software like Outlook offers entrepreneurs to be powerful tools for organizing daily tasks and scheduling business appointments. You have the option to progress through two levels of the latest Word processing programs, as well as two levels of Excel and PowerPoint.

Human Resources

The race to master the recruitment, development, and retention of high-achieving employees remains the one thing that keeps human resources up at night. Even during periods of strong economic growth, businesses must scratch and claw for the best and brightest minds. At The University of Phoenix, the human resources professional development program allows students to brainstorm ideas for hiring and retaining accomplished professionals. Common strategies meld with innovative new strategies to change the face of human resources.

With a class devoted to professional coaching, you can expect to rethink the standard definition of employee training. Professional coaching requires a more interactive approach than simply forcing rote memorization on an employee to master a professional skill. You can expect to learn about how to create a plan and the methods used to coach one of your professional peers successfully. Strong support for recruiting a diverse team of accomplished professionals remains one of the priorities of The University of Phoenix human resources professional development program. Not only is diversity discussed through the lens of race and gender, but it also focuses on the differences that come with working with professionals from different generations.


As one of the leaders in harnessing the power of digital technology, The University of Phoenix is proud to offer a marketing program that promotes online marketing strategies. From marketing a brand on social media to attracting new customers through the creation of helpful content, professionals across industry lines benefit from the marketing curriculum at The University of Phoenix. Students learn how to incorporate digital marketing into overall marketing plans, as well as come to understand the relationship between digitized promotions and market segmentation.

The foundation of the marketing category for professional development curriculum is a class teaching basic marketing principles. Sales management helps professionals in industries such as automotive, electronics, and computer software devise sales strategies that convert potential customers into lifelong patrons. The sales strategies combine compelling presentations conducted online and in person. You can expect to learn about the power of marketing analytics in tracking the success of individual Internet marketing programs.

Management and Leadership

Professionals who are interested in polishing leadership skills should experience growth as a manager during the time spent taking management and leadership courses. The curriculum presents numerous methods for new managers to improve leadership skills while offering seasoned managers the opportunity to learn about how to lead a diverse workforce in the 21st century. The teaching of proven leadership styles blends perfectly with the introduction of cutting-edge theories about how to get the most out of a team of professionals.

The University of Phoenix offers a change management course to prepare managers for the rapidly changing workplace. Learn how successful managers thrived during the first 100 days at a new job. In fact, the class is highly recommended for professionals that are considering a career change. Many employers ask hypothetical questions like “What do you plan to do the first 100 days working at our company.” Other classes under the management and leadership umbrella include Practical Leadership and Effective Management.

Accounting and Finance

Every business must put in place structured financial records that offer insight into the current strength of a company, as well as projected revenues and net income moving forward. The University of Phoenix Accounting and Finance professional development program prepares students to implement paper and digital bookkeeping systems. After reviewing common accounting principles, the curriculum delves into the latest industry standards that enhance financial record keeping. Students learn about the foundations of data analytics and how to create advanced spreadsheets that automatically perform financial and accounting calculations. Professionals that work as business managers should consider boosting their careers by enrolling in the Accounting Analysis for the Business Manager course.

The University of Phoenix has incorporated physical classroom training into the digital version of its highly acclaimed associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs. However, to accommodate the busy schedules of professional development students, the university sticks to a mostly online learning experience. Whether you want to acquire a specific skill for a promotion or complement an advanced degree curriculum with a professional development class, The University of Phoenix may be a good choice.

Email the professional development office to learn more about how you can acquire the professional skills you need to move up the company ladder. You can also call the University of Phoenix at 844-YES-UORY to request an application for admissions form. There is also a Request for Information Form on the University of Phoenix website. You can send mail to the following address:

Central Administration
University of Phoenix
4025 Riverpoint Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85040

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