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Personal Loans in College Station

Located in Brazos County in the heart of East Central Texas, College Station is part of the region referred to as the Texas Triangle. The city sits about 90 miles northwest of Houston and 87 miles northeast of the state capital, Austin. As part of the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area, the city grew nearly 20 percent between 2010 and 2016 to exceed more than 112,000 residents. The region experiences a warm and often humid climate that encourages year-round outdoor activities.

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As the home to the primary Texas A&M University campus, College Station is home to thousands of students. Texas A&M enjoys the rare distinction of being a sea, land, and space grant academic institution, which reflects the wide range of research projects undertaken by national organizations like NASA and the National Science Foundation. The National Institutes of Health also has a strong presence on the campus of Texas A&M.

Spanning 324 acres, Texas A&M University Research Park matches numerous companies with government partners to make advancements in science and healthcare research. Companies involved in the research programs include Lynntech, Notequill, and Schlumberger. Because of the strong presence of the university, Money magazine has named College Station as the “Most Educated City” in Texas, and the eleventh most educated city in the United States.

The fast pace of population growth in the city has likely created a rise in the number of personal loan inquiries. From buying fishing boats to obtaining funds for significant home improvement projects, residents of College Station has plenty of financing options. Before you request a personal loan, visit the Texas Department of Banking website and click the “Financial Education” tab to learn about the funding options available to city residents.

As a mixed-use district located north of the university campus, Northgate features an eclectic combination of churches, apartments, restaurants, small businesses, and entertainment venues. Texas A&M students frequent the restaurants and entertainment venues that produce a high energy ambiance for the 145-acre district. The area is home to the Dixie Chicken, as well as the first store opened by the wildly popular regional fast food restaurant, Freebirds World Burrito. Northgate comes alive during college football season, as the university football stadium Kyle Field consistently sells out.

Access the official city website to find out what’s on the calendar for College Station. The website presents information about the most popular attractions in the region.

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Those with bad credit may still be able to find funding. While searching for traditional bank loans, or even locally sourced alternative funding solutions, may prove unfruitful, online options may utilize a risk assessment model that favors your financial situation. A personal loan for bad credit less than 580 will likely have higher interest than some other types of loans.

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